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11 Top Innovators in Real-World Evidence to Follow in 2023

By Sean Smith on December, 8 2022

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Huma.AI Is Among PharmStars Fall 2022 Graduates

Today PharmStars, the pharma-focused accelerator for digital health startups, announced the graduation of 11 startups from its Fall 2022 program focused on “Innovations in Real-World Evidence.” Among the graduating startups is Huma.AI, recognized for its user-friendly natural language processing platform optimized for generating real-world evidence (RWE).

According to PharmStars, the selected startups each offer a unique digital health solution related to Real World Evidence. Their diverse digital health solutions include novel remote patient monitoring techniques, new biomarkers, drug discovery tools, analytics tools, data annotation platforms, therapeutic-area data models, and novel RWE datasets.


Making a Case for RWE

“Having spent more than 20 years working in pharma and precision medicine,” said Lana Feng, Ph.D., CEO and Cofounder of Huma.AI, “I know firsthand the myriad challenges life science professionals face when it comes to RWE.” 

According to Feng, “RWE is an area that is difficult for many life science companies because of disconnected data silos, complex data sets, and hard-to-use data platforms, thus making it hard to understand the performance of their products, improve product development, and demonstrate value to key stakeholders.”

Feng said, Huma.AI connects those data sources and adds a proprietary intelligence layer that makes it fast and easy to uncover deeply buried insights using everyday language.


11 Top RWE Innovators to Follow in 2023

“For Huma.AI, the PharmaStars RWE cohort was a great learning experience,” said Feng. “Not only did to participate in the program alongside the other startups,” she said, “we had the chance to get valuable feedback and validation directly from many top pharma companies.”


Below are the 11 digital health startups that completed the Fall 2022 PharmStars Accelerator and Showcase Event:

  • Biostrap (Austin, TX): High-resolution, biosensor-based digital biomarker platform
  • Celero Systems (Lincoln, MA): Continuous, ingestible, one-week, physiological monitoring platform
  • Centaur Labs (Boston, MA): Scalable data annotation platform for the life sciences
  • Citadel Discovery (Cambridge, MA): AI platform using DNA-encoded libraries (DELs) for drug discovery
  • Huma.AI (Palo Alto, CA): Powerful, user-friendly natural language processing (NLP) platform optimized for the generation of RWE
  • nference (Cambridge, MA): RWE generation platform built on 11+ million academic medical center medical records
  • Promptly Health (Porto, Portugal): Advanced analytics engine that harmonizes real-world data to generate insights
  • Scienta Lab (Paris, France): AI-powered platform for auto-immune disease modeling at the patient level
  • uMed (London, England): Queryable, dynamic real-world patient cohorts for prospective population research
  • Unison (London, England): Genomics data brokerage platform
  • Varient (Toronto, Canada): Rare disease patient community-sourced patient-reported outcomes and RWE platform

At the Showcase event, startups presented their solutions to PharmStars’ members. They then had the chance to participate in one-on-one meetings with these members. More than 60 meetings took place over two days.


About Huma.AI

Huma.AI is a leading provider of human-centric business intelligence for life sciences, including medical affairs, regulatory affairs, and clinical development software. A venture-backed AI startup based in Seattle, Huma.AI was co-founded in 2018 by CEO Lana Feng, Ph.D., and CTO Greg Kostello, to bridge the gap between scientific data and life science decision-making.


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