New Huma.AI Clinical Development Solution Provides Transparent Trial, PI, and Patient Data to Reveal Insights and Opportunities–Instantly

By Lana Feng, Ph.D. on October, 17 2022

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Lana Feng, Ph.D.

CEO and Co-Founder, Huma.AI

New eBook Reveals How Data-Driven Clinical Intelligence Empowers Sponsors Using Everyday Language


Oct. 14, 2022, Palo Alto, CA - Huma.AI, a fast-growing life science intelligence provider, has announced the launch of a new approach to clinical development. The new solution uncovers deeply buried clinical trial insights, giving clinical professionals the highly targeted intelligence and market advantage needed to create more successful trials. Additionally, in a newly published eBook, Huma.AI explains how sponsors can get direct insight into the competitive trial landscape, including the who, what, and where of trials, in minutes–without a degree in data science.

Powering Clinical Development and Recruitment with Machine Learning

Ensure Clinical Trials Proceed Apace by Connecting Patient, Site, Demographic, and Principal Investigator Data


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Deeper Insights for Clinical Development

According to Lana Feng, Ph.D., CEO of Huma.AI, planning and running clinical trials is a difficult job, but identifying the right principal investigators, study sites, and patient demographics shouldn’t be. 

And delayed trials cost millions.

That’s why, she said, “The same data that enable sponsors to better design trials and determine their feasibility can be leveraged to locate PIs and determine the accessibility of diverse patient populations–if it is connected under an intelligence layer.” This, she said, “can lead to better outcomes in clinical trials and for patients.”

Overcoming the Challenge of Siloed Clinical Trial Data

As the new eBook explained, Huma.AI, an intelligence layer for connected clinical data sources, is launching a clinical development product to deliver market intelligence at lightning speed that: 

  • Enhances trial design and feasibility with competitive insights
  • Optimizes patient and PI recruitment
  • Increases diversity of clinical trials

Huma.AI can uncover deeply buried clinical trial insights that give clinical professionals the highly targeted intelligence and market advantage needed to create more successful trials. 

With Huma.AI, clinical professionals can instantly curate siloed data without hiring data scientists or burdening those already on staff. Through a journey of iterative questions asked in natural language, clinical professionals can discover the who, what, and where about competitors’ trials instantly, not in hours, days, or weeks. Huma.AI empowers clinical professionals to refine their feasibility, recruitment, and diversity requirements on an ongoing basis, leaving fewer patients waiting for potentially life-changing interventions. 

“The use of AI to improve the data-driven approach in clinical pathway design and implementation provides important evidence for its potential application in clinical trial design,” according to Frontiers in Public Health

Linking clinical trials with physician and diversity data, Huma.AI creates a new source of intelligence that can be queried to help sponsors access PIs and sites that are proximate to diverse patient populations. 

Connecting these data sources provides a more complete competitive landscape for those in trial design and feasibility. It also facilitates higher-yield sites, more predictable enrollment, and a greater diversity of patients.

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To request a demo of the new Huma.AI clinical development solution, please visit or contact sales (at) huma (dot) ai.

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