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Medical Affairs Use Case

Top 10 Global Pharma (>$40B ARR)

The Medical Affairs team of a top-ten global pharmaceutical company needed a way to understand better and analyze the Medical Science Liaison insights stored in the company's customer relationship management system.

The goal was to help to pinpoint trends, data gaps, and strategic actions, as well as anticipate stakeholder requirements.

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Clinical Development Use Case

Mid-Tier Pharma (>$5B ARR)

The Clinical Development team at a mid-level pharmaceutical company wants to gain insight into the entire competitive trial landscape. They want knowledge on important competitive topics such as trial design, sponsors, sites, investigators, enrollment, and diversity, as well as any new developments.

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Regulatory Affairs Use Case (MedTech)

IVD Market Leader (>$2B ARR)

The post-market surveillance team for a leading In-Vitro Diagnostics manufacturer needed to keep up to date with customer product usage to ensure safety. To do this, they have to read and monitor thousands of academic papers that discuss the product and its applications.

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Real-World Data Use Case

Mid-Tier BioPharma ($4.9B ARR)

A mid-tier biopharmaceutical organization wanted the capacity to easily search formal and informal real-world data, including strategic insights, inquiries, and feedback associated with their products over multiple internal departments, for comprehensive analysis to uncover insights and patterns.

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What Does Success Look Like?

When it comes to adopting new technology, we understand that finding the right solution for your company can be a daunting proposition.

That's why we've created actual client use cases that clearly explain: 

  • Who the client was by industry and ARR
  • What challenge they wanted to solve
  • The solution we provided
  • The business outcome 
  • The value delivered to users and stakeholders

Additionally, use cases show the solution and list key features and benefits.

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