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Huma.AI Begins Where ChatGPT Ends

  • Delivers results that are always up to date

  • Outputs content with zero character or word limits

  • Analyzes data with complete privacy 

  • Works across all data silos - internal and external

  • Provides references to internal and external data in every result 

  • Applies to a wide variety of Life Science use cases

  • Validated at 97% accuracy in current implementations
What would you do if you didn't have to
Spend so much time gathering and reviewing
Medical Insights
Clinical Evidence
Scientific Literature
Or Real-World Data?
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Enhance Medical Insights

Huma.AI for medical affairs teams drives insights and scientific exchange with improved data analysis, more meaningful KOL engagement, better scientific communication, safety surveillance, customer understanding, and interdepartmental collaboration.

Improve Clinical Trial Design

Huma.AI allows clinical development teams to comprehend the competitive clinical trial landscape from multiple perspectives quickly. With no need to download, cleanse, and compare data from disparate sources, visual illustrations provide important insights with ease.

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Simplify RWD Analysis

Huma.AI assists customers in gaining vital knowledge concerning inquiries, feedback, and insight on their products from multiple departments within the customer’s organization, allowing the customer to make crucial changes to the product based on this data.

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Automate Post-Market Insight

Huma.AI speeds up the process of reviewing and analyzing literature and post-market performance data by automatically curating the articles and other data most relevant to post-market surveillance. This enables quicker evaluation of product effectiveness for regulatory compliance and guiding product strategy.

Our Experts In-the-Loop
We are here to support you every step of the way 

Our team of highly experienced life science and information technology professionals provides hands-on support to all our customers.  

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What They're Saying

The thing I like most about Huma.AI is you can ask it questions using everyday language, and the answers come back fast. Consultant and Former Global Head of Trial Monitoring | Top 10 Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
Huma.AI has developed a fast and efficient approach to monitoring Post-Market Intelligence that is remarkably easy to use. Consultant and Former Head of Clinical Evidence | Leading EU Notified Body
What set Huma.AI apart was their ability to connect and integrate internal and external data sources into one solution our whole team can use. Director of Digital Strategy and Innovation | Oncology | Global Medical Affairs

Empower your entire team with
Automated Insights, Intelligence, and Analysis

Our mission is to equip life science professionals with powerful decision-making data, insights, and analysis using everyday language.

Huma.AI means "HUmans + MAchines | Where humans always come first."

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