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Achieve and Maintain Compliance 


With MDR and IVDR

Ensure that data on the quality, performance, and safety of devices are gathered, recorded, and analyzed


Post-Market Intelligence

Post-Market Clinical Follow-up

Systematic Literature Review

Post-Market Surveillance





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Systematic Literature Review


There is not enough talent to review the volume and velocity of medical literature that must be analyzed. Empowering existing talent is the best goal.

Post-Market Clinical Follow-up


Data bottlenecks need to be removed and processes need to be optimized to make reporting on clinical performance more effective and efficent.

Post-Market Surveillance

Pro-active and systematic data must be collected for conclusions about preventative and corrective actions. Some products have far too much data to review, some far too little.

Watch this 1-minute video to more about the benefits of Huma.AI's validated Machine Learning solution for meeting the post-market challenges of EU MDR and IVDR.

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