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Achieve & Maintain EU MDR / IVDR Compliance Faster

Without wasting countless hours cobbling together fragmented data OR hiring more resources

Huma.AI is the ONE fast and flexible regulatory solution that radically simplifies MDR and IVDR approval and post-market surveillance by:

    • Connecting your internal and external clinical, safety, and performance data silos
    • Instantly assessing the quantity, quality, and relevance of scientific literature
    • Quickly identifying and ranking equivalent and other comparator products 
    • Automatically analyzing and weighting adverse events for your products and their comparators
    • Providing at-a-glance monitoring, reporting, and easy exporting of your clinical, safety, and performance data 

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I Need the Resources to Comply with EU MDR and IVDR Now - How?

According to Bassil Akra, Ph.D., Editor of The Post-Market Gambit, "The most significant long-term concern manufacturers have is not having sufficient resources to digest everything they need to do to comply with the regulations... Therefore, finding agile solutions that can help do that is a top strategic and regulatory priority."

Akra, B., Smith. S., &  Feng, L. The Post-Market Gambit: After EU MDR and IVDR. Amazon.

At A Glance

Self Service

So simple that anybody can use it.

Interoperable Data

Eliminates data bottlenecks and connects data silos.

Structured | Unstructured

Works with multiple data formats.

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