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Clinical Development

Clin Intel Laptop (600 × 420 px)

Instantly discover deeply-buried intelligence about your competitors' trials

Gain a quick, comprehensive view of the clinical trial landscape from multiple angles without spending time downloading, organizing, and assessing the information from many sources. Dashboards provide crucial at-a-glance insights.

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Clinical Trial Challenges

Successfully finishing clinical trials is always a difficult task. It's nearly impossible to stack up information on feasibility, trial design, and trial diversity from various disparate sources without manually going through the data.

With Huma.AI

  • Your clinical intelligence is connected and accessible to everyone

  • Anyone can perform complex clinical trial data analyses.

  • Gain instant insight into your competitor's clinical trials.


Clinical Development Solution

Quickly identify industry leaders and explore competitor trends, including:

  • All competitive trials
  • Patient enrollment and demographic details
  • Top PIs and sites
  • HCP payment data
  • Diversity Insights
  • Geolocation data
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Mid-Tier Pharma (>$5B ARR)

The Clinical Development team at a mid-level pharmaceutical company wants to gain insight into the entire competitive trial landscape. They want knowledge on important competitive topics such as trial design, sponsors, sites, investigators, enrollment, and diversity, as well as any new developments.

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