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Clinical Trial Intelligence

Without spending countless hours gathering and analyzing data from

Instantly query data on industry benchmarks or competition such as:

    • Enrollment criteria 
    • Sites with active trials
    • Sponsors with active trials
    • Competitors for sites to enroll patients
    • Key investigators at sites
    • Changes to study protocol/timelines

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Unlocking Data Insights
with Human-Centric AI

"We are learning to apply this technology in human-centric ways, as shown in our collaboration with Huma.AI, an innovative health tech start-up, to develop a uniquely intelligent analytics tool that aims to simplify the process of extracting insights from large volumes of data using human ‘natural language’ queries. The advanced machine learning platform can quickly understand and respond to these queries, in order to analyse both structured and unstructured data."

Citation: Bedenkov, A., Moreno, C., Agustin, L. et al. Customer Centricity in Medical Affairs Needs Human-centric Artificial Intelligence. Pharm Med 35, 21–29 (2021). 

At A Glance

Self Service

So simple that anybody can use it.

Interoperable Data

Eliminates data bottlenecks and connects data silos.

Structured | Unstructured

Works with multiple data formats.

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