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Medical Affairs Insights

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Huma.AI makes gaining key insights as easy as asking a question.

Surface Key Insights

Sentiment (600 × 420 px)

Relevant to key topics & summarizes the insights for faster review

Enable MSLs to form more meaningful relationships with HCPs by utilizing internal data sources like CRM, Insights, AdBoard meeting notes, and social media, as well as external data sources such as PubMed and Clinicaltrials.gov.

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Medical Affairs Insight Challenges

Collecting the important data from key opinion leaders, healthcare professionals, and patient reports found in documents and open-ended text is a difficult endeavor that is impossible to do manually.

With Huma.AI

  • Your medical insights are connected and accessible to everyone.
  • Actionable medical insight analyses can be done in minutes.
  • All stakeholders can make better, more informed decisions.

Medical Affairs Solution

Medical Information or Field Notes

  • Translation of Non-English Insights
  • Surface unknown topics and analyze across customers, geography, and trends over time
  • Topic summary and sentiment analysis
  • Map out the HCP journey by connecting multiple data sources such as Pubmed, Ct.gov, social, CRM, and insights
connected data
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Top 10 Global Pharma (>$40B ARR)

The Medical Affairs team of a top-ten global pharmaceutical company needed a way to understand better and analyze the Medical Science Liaison insights stored in the company's customer relationship management system.

The goal was to help to pinpoint trends, data gaps, and strategic actions, as well as anticipate stakeholder requirements.

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