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Huma.AI makes supporting your clinical, safety, and performance claims as easy as asking a question.

Systematic Literature Review

PMS Laptop (600 × 420 px)

Instant Literature Review, SOTA, Adverse Events, and Trends Using Your FDA Product Codes.

Huma.AI is capable of automating systematic literature reviews and eliminating time-consuming manual curation, allowing for quicker analysis and identification of the most pertinent articles. In addition, the solution is programmed to automatically recognize key SOTA appraisal criteria, adverse events, and trends for all products and comparators.

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Post-Market Surveillance Challenges

Manually monitoring portfolios and competitors across disparate data sources is depleting valuable MedTech resources and impeding systematic and proactive post-market surveillance and updates.

With Huma.AI

  • Your PMS data are connected and accessible to everyone.

  • Actionable competitive insights analyses can be done in minutes.

  • All stakeholders can make better, more informed decisions.

State of the Art (SOTA) Appraisals

Answers all SOTA questions such as:

  • Product name

  • Intended use

  • Patient population

  • Clinical analysis

  • Statistical analysis

connected data
fast and flexible
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IVD Market Leader (>$2B ARR)

The post-market surveillance team for a leading In-Vitro Diagnostics manufacturer needed to keep up to date with customer product usage to ensure safety. To do this, they have to read and monitor thousands of academic papers that discuss the product and its applications.

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